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Audrey King
A Woman of Power
Audrey King, Georgia Power Company Area Manager

Audrey King A Woman of Power


      Last October, on only her second day on the job as Georgia Power’s new Area Manager for the Statesboro Region, Audrey King came face-to-face with Hurricane Matthew, immediately facing possible equipment damage and outages in a service area that extends from Swainsboro to St. Mary’s. The leadership skills she acquired during her 26-year career with Georgia Power Company came into play and a systematic plan for recovery was launched. King and her team, worked tirelessly to restore power and to help clean-up in the aftermath of the storm.

      “Fortunately, Mayor Jan Moore had heard that I would be replacing Tan Adams as Area Manager, and she reached out to me prior to my coming. We met and she gave me invaluable information on community leader contacts, such as Bulloch County Public Safety Director Ted Wynn, which was very helpful in planning, coordinating and executing the clean-up,” she said. “I am grateful to Jan for extending her hand as a support system for me.”

      That’s a tough initiation for anyone, but King had the advantage of learning the business of the power company from every aspect, having spent her time at Georgia Power attaining all she could while working in various departments within the company. Her career path has formed a firm foundation for her new leadership role in Southeast Georgia.

      Her career started in 1991 at the call center in Macon, Georgia, where she joined Georgia Power as a Customer Service Representative and later, Supervisor. There she trained new employees on how to best serve customers and also worked in the areas of residential marketing and distribution. She left Macon after nine years to become Sales Team Leader in Valdosta, where she supervised a team of 14 employees.

      “We had a sales goal of $9 million which we met. I have to give credit to all the employees. It was a team effort,” King said.

      After her time in sales, she transitioned to Assistant to the Vice President. King has worked as a Customer Service Representative & Supervisor, Engineering Support Representative, Sales Team Leader & Sales Manager, External Affairs Manager and Assistant to the Vice President in Macon and Valdosta, Georgia.

      King appreciates several mentors who helped her along the way to make the right connections and who were instrumental in her growth and development.

      “Jo Wilbanks at Georgia Power was a great mentor to me,” said King. “She encouraged me to go to areas that I wasn’t particularly comfortable with, to go beyond boundaries and to explore opportunities to learn new aspects of the power company, such as engineering and distribution.”

      A native of Macon, King graduated at the top of her class at Central High School and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Troy University. She attended classes offered from the Columbus campus while working and rearing her two children.

      “I began college during my adult life because I saw great value and benefit in that,” she said. King believes that higher education leads to better opportunities and encouraged her children to pursue a college degree. Son Marquette, Jr., (28), and daughter Jasmine, (24), are both college graduates with professional careers. Marquette resides in Los Angeles and Jasmine lives in Atlanta.

      As part of her job, King has been willing to transfer to towns in Georgia where her skills have been needed. As an Area Manager, King now wears many hats at Georgia Power, including sometimes a hard one.

      “My job encompasses anything tied to the business – external affairs, board service, grass roots, working with The Citizens of Georgia Power group of community volunteers, promoting economic development in my area and at the state level, serving customers, and corporate clients. As one of 33 Area Managers in the state, I lead a team of 44 employees who represent all areas within the company,” said King.

      King believes community service is an important aspect of her leadership role. She serves on local boards and is a member of organizations including the Blue Mile Foundation, Statesboro Rotary Club, the Georgia Southern Foundation, the Development Authority of Bulloch County, and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. King was recently appointed by Governor Nathan Deal to serve on the state’s Education Reform Committee, a role in which she is particularly proud to serve because of her commitment to higher education. King is a 2013 graduate of Leadership Lowndes County and a 2014 graduate of Leadership Georgia.

      While well prepared to manage her areas of service personally and professionally, one of her greatest challenges is meeting all the needs within the area she serves.

      “There are so many needs, you have to be strategic about engaging with everyone. You want to help them all,” she said.

      King sites the Bible’s book of Luke 12:48 as an inspirational message that illuminates her path: “For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required.”

      “Over the course of my life so many leaders have supported me when they didn’t have to. I owe that back to help others. Early in my life I thought I’d never be a leader. Now I know how you can help another person both personally and professionally, and I want to do that if I can,” said King.

      King encourages her employees to broaden their levels of expertise, just as she was challenged to do so.

      “It is the greatest reward as a leader to see employees reach their potential and go beyond,” she said. “I am committed to their growth and development, especially for what they want the most to accomplish.”

      In contrast to the hurricane that greeted King upon her arrival, she describes her transition into the community as “warm, welcoming, and friendly.”

      “My transition is what it is because of the people of Statesboro,” she said. “I want to stay here and serve the company and the community in any way I can. I love it here. This is home now.”

      King pledges community support from The Citizens of Georgia Power employee volunteer group as well.

      “Our volunteer organization serves at Relay for Life, the Food Bank, and United Way. Whoever needs hands on volunteers, and I mean sweat equity, not just a check, call on us. We support the communities we serve,” said King. “At Georgia Power, we believe in being a good citizen wherever we serve.”